Sometimes life brings an unexpected curve that is life altering, and sometimes life threatening. A sudden life threatening event flipped my life upside down a few years ago. I had worked as a psychotherapist making home visits for families with challenges. The many restrictions placed on this service by the agency I worked for prevented me from working with clients in the client centered manner I was used to, and which I felt was most beneficial. I wanted a change, to be able to do this work in a more heart centered manner and had begun actively seeking "work of my heart."

Suddenly something else found me; a heart attack. Be very careful what you wish for. The work of my heart began that day!

In a six month period I'd had 3 surgeries placing 10 stents in the arteries for my heart. Yet I was still unwell. I had a second heart attack, followed by open heart surgery all within a year. Months later I had a small stroke, then another. The open heart surgery left me with permanent brain injury in the areas of short term memory, thought organizing, and executive functioning. Along with memory loss, word loss and word scramble, my thinking and recall were compromised. Clearly, my days as a therapist were over.

I've found solace in art as long as I can remember. About a year prior to the first heart attack I began "seeing" guided images to be drawn. I had been delving into my spirituality and my intuition, and this seemed a lovely combining of these elements with my artistic abilities. After the heart attack, through my terror and fatigue, I was also recieving more visions of art to be drawn. To bring the images to life, I had to let go of my busy, terrified brain. Here was the peace I so deeply needed, here was the healing of my heart and the touching of my Spirit to the Great Divine essence.

Wahi Maluhia means "a peaceful place" in Hawaiian. It is the name of my land, my home, 3 glorious acres of old growth rain forest where I live and thrive in peaceful healing energies, and where I create art. With grace and gratitude.