The Hāpuʻu or Hawaiian tree fern (Cibotium menziesii) is what gives many places on Hawaii that “Jurassic park” feel. These plants are native to Hawai’i and can be found at the windward (east) side of most Hawaiian islands at elevations between 1000 to 6000 ft (300 to 1800 meters).

There used to be Hāpuʻu all over the Hawaiian islands, but due to population pressure and their transplantation for landscaping purposes they are becoming more difficult to find. One of the best places to see them (and to get the Jurassic park vibe) is in Volcano Village or in the adjacent Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


A part of the ethereal magic that first captivated me here in Volcano, the hapu'u fern trees continue to inspire me in both photography and in drawings.  The play of light as it dances upon the fronds of the hapu'u never cease to amaze and charm me. 



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